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High Pressure Multistage Pumps
High Pressure Multistage Pumps
High Pressure Multistage Pumps
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High Pressure Multistage Pumps Genral
“JEE PUMPS” series JCBFP pumps are vertical split casing and intermediates
Designed in multistage construction for high head Discharge
Pump is horizontal type having stage the together with suction and discharge brackets by rods impeller is of die casting and smooth finish high efficiency heavy duty ball bearing capable to carry thrust load on either direction
Grease lubricated bearing for longer life suction is nearer to coupling and discharge at other end
High Pressure Multistage Pumps Applications
Boiler Feeding Booster Service
Fire Fighting Systems Foamy Liquids
Transfer Of Condensate Hot Water Circulation
Water Supply For High Rise Buildings Sprinkling
Irrigation In Hill area High Pressure Cleaning
Hydraulic Power Plants Steam Boilers etc...
High Pressure Multistage Pumps Operating Range
Capacity - Q- Up To 150 M3/Hr.
TDH H - Up To 350 Mtr.
Pump Sizes - DN 32 mm To 100 mm
Speed - N - 1450/2900 rpm at 50 Hz & 1750/3500 rpm at 60 Hz
Temperature 120° C
Pressure 38 Bars
High Pressure Multistage Pumps Material of Construction
Graded Grey Cast Iron Carbon Steel ( WCB)
SS-316 Bronze
Alloy Steel    
High Pressure Multistage Pumps Optional Accessories
M.S. Fabricated Base Frame/Flexible Coupling/Coupling Guard/Foundation Bolt.
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