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Non-Clog Mud/Sewage Pump
Non-Clog Mud/Sewage Pump
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Operating Data:
Capacity : Up to 75 m3/ hr
Head : Up to 58 Mtr.
Suc. Head : Up to 7 Mtr.
Discharge Size : 32 mm to 80 mm
Solid Size : Up to 25 mm
Temperature : Up to 110°C
Speed : Up to 3500 rpm
Pressure : Up to 5.8 kg/cm2
M.O.C. : C.I., C.S., SS-304 / 304L, SS316 / 316L, Bronze, Alloy-20,
CD4MCU, Hast alloy B & C, etc...

Mechanical Seal Option:
STV (Carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with NBR Elastomer)
CCV (Carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with Viton Elastomer)
CCT (carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with PTFE Elastomer)
Dewatering, mud, marine, effluent, hotel, oils, spirits, swimming pools, gas oils.    
Vessels, industrial-pumping petroleum products, chemical.    
Civil construction-dewatering foundations, trenches and pits, Public utilities.    
Filter press feeding, ETP, STP, waste water treatment plant, sewage pumping.    
Mobile machinery – cooling water for marine engines and shovels.    
Pier, excavations, pits, pot-holes etc., gram panchayats, municipalitie public health
departments, large housing colonies, industries like chemical, pharmaceuticals,
food, cement, paper, sugar, salt, steel an other for liquid cargo from freighter, barges.
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