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Vertical / Gland Less Pump
Vertical / Gland Less Pump
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Operating Data:
Capacity : Up to 50 M3/hr
Head : Up to 45 Mtr.
Discharge Size : 25 mm to 50 mm
Temperature : 80°C
Speed : Up to 3500 rpm
Pressure : Up to 4.5 kg/cm2

No. 1 Choice for effluent treatment plants since are no mechanical seals / glands.
Can run dry due to absence of shaft seals.
Few parts facilities maintenance.
Water treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, elecro plating, picking & steel rolling mills.    
Excellent for transfer and loadign - unloading like HCL, Sulphuric Acid/Alkai, Caustic Liquid.    
Scrubbing of corrosive gases like NH3, CO2, SO3, SO2, SO2, I2, F2, Br2, Cl2, etc.    
For handling liquids in various industries like textile, paper, cellulose, sugar, steel, food, having temperature range, materials, etc...    
Ideal for circulation of chemical in metal finishing industry.    
Natural choice for pickling line & scrubber in steel plants.    
High capacity transfer pump, filter press for dyes & chemicals, descaling, oil    
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