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Centrifugal Process Pumps
Chemical Pump
Pulp & Paper Mill Pump
Centrifugal Pump in Investment Casting
Polypropylene Pumps
Air Cooled Thermic Fluid Pump
Corrosion Resistant Polypropylene Pump
Vertical / Gland Less Pump
Split Casing Pump
Teflon Lined Centrifugal Pump
Axial Flow Pump
Self Priming Mud / Sewage Pump
Non-Clog Mud/Sewage Pump
Mono-block Mud/Sewage Pump
Cavity Screw Pump
Rotary Gear Pump
Boiler Feed Pump
Fuel Injection Internal Gear Pump
High Pressure Multi Stage Pump
Filter Press Pump
Self-Priming Centripetal Pumps
Air Operated Diaphragm Pump
Vertical Sump Pump
Submersible Sewage Pump
Low Speed heavy duty Submersible sewage Pump
Motorized Hydraulic Test Pump
Hand Operated Hydro Test Pump
Submersible Monoset Pump
Monoblock Pump
Water Separator Pump
Priming Chamber
All Type Pumps Spares
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Where quality is a way of life.
At Jee Pumps Quality is the creed. Quality is never compromised, even when racing against time. The crucial role which quality has come to play in today’s globalize market economy has been very well recognized and acknowledged. In India, Jee Pumps pioneered the Quality Circle movement way back in the seventies. This all encompassing commitment to achieve superior quality standard of products and services is pursued through a suitable Quality Policy keeping in view the overall business direction and mission.

Q.A. & Q.C. Activities

Incoming raw materials and components inspection.
Vendor assessment or approval.
Inspection at approved subcontractor premises for subcontracted items.
Final inspection and testing.
Offering customer inspection to independent inspection agencies.
Preparing of quality plan.
Process Inspection
Quality – related training.

Corporate Quality Policy

We at Jee Pumps aim to achieve superior quality standards in all our endeavors to match National and International requirements of our products and services.
Being proactive in carrying out continuous improvements of our products & processes.
Providing prompt, reliable and efficient after-sales-services.
We will achieve these by implementation of following :
A Well-planned Quality Assurance System.
A Well-trained, skilled and experienced workforce.
Our dedication to quality shall remain total thereby enabling us to meet our targeted goal of total Customer Satisfaction.
Maintaining high quality standards. Timely delivery schedules and competitive pricing of our products.

Quality Assurance

Planned and Systematic quality systems
Design / purchase specification / works standards as per is requirements.
Continuous Monitoring.
Improvements of  parameters
Vendor Approval Procedures.
Quality assurance  contractual situation for customer’s confidence.
Inspection and quality control activities to prevent conformance
Preparation of quality
Analysis of fields complaints, preventive and corrective actions.
NDT Equipment
Ultrasonic flaw detector
Multi fact eddy-current metal sorting out equipment for sorting of raw materials.
Magnetic particle crack surface and sub-surface detection.


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