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Self Priming Mud / Sewage Pumps
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Self Priming Mud / Sewage Pumps
Single Stage Horizontal Centrifugal Self Priming
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Self Priming Mud / Sewage Pumps
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Self Priming Mud / Sewage Pumps Genral
“JEE PUMPS” series “JMP” pumps are quick automatic self priming action with back-pull out design for easy - maintenances with non-clogging impeller to handle suspended solids.
Easily portable with trolley arrangement suitable for motor as well as engine drive compact mono block version also available along life due to replaceable wearing parts grease lubricated deep groove ball-bearing.
Self Priming Mud / Sewage Pumps Applications
Effluent and sewage treatment plant Thermal Plant
Petroleum product handling Steel Plant
Incinerator Slurry Material Handling
Agriculture Purpose Mud
Dewatering Purpose Marine
Swimming Pools Hotel
Loading And Transfer Of Oils Spirits
Ceramic Filter Press
Re-rolling Mills Trenches
Pits Construction Sites
Rain And Storm Water Chemicals etc...
Self Priming Mud / Sewage Pumps Operating Range
Capacity - Q- Up To 650 M3/Hr.
TDH H - Up To 50 Mtr.
Pump Sizes - DN 40 mm To 200 mm
Speed - N - 1440/2880 rpm at 50 Hz & 1750/3500 rpm at 60 Hz
Temperature 110 ° C
Self Priming Mud / Sewage Pumps Material of Construction
Cast Iron Carbon Steel ( WCB)
Alloy Steel CF8
CF8m Bronze
Self Priming Mud / Sewage Pumps Optional Accessories
M.S. Fabricated Base Frame/Flexible Coupling/Coupling Guard/Foundation Bolt.
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