Achema 2022 Case Study

Happening after a gap of a few years, Achema 2022 lived up to its reputation of being one of the biggest platforms for technology providers. Frankfurt, Germany, hosted this edition from 22nd to 26th August 2022. More than 2500 companies from over 50 countries participated in this trade fair. Along with the exhibition, there were a series of seminars, panel discussions and other activities lined up for participation. As a result, the well-planned and executed exhibition became a home to some of the best industrial innovations for the week.

Highlights of Achema 2022

Encompassing a variety of subjects and events under one roof takes a lot of planning and dedicated execution. Achema 2022 raised its standard with this edition as it held multiple events in parallel. The motto for this edition was ‘Live again at last’, and interestingly it had a lot of installations and sessions planned to flow with the theme. Following were the major highlights of Achema 2022:

Special Theme for Each Day

To provide an excellent direction to the flow of events and concentrate visitors’ attention, Achema dedicated each of its days to a special theme. All the sessions and events for that particular day were based on the themes. Of course, the trade fair went on per its plan, but such a theme-based approach provided a good classification for the visitors. Following were the daywise themes:

  • Day 1: Hydrogen Economy: Focussing on the energy potential of hydrogen and how it will aid climate neutrality by becoming an excellent alternative to fossil fuel.
  • Day 2: Fossil-Free Production: Encouraging the rapid speed at which green energy sources are coming up and facilitating their growth.
  • Day 3: Laboratory & Analytics: Talking about the major shift in research and development aiding the advancement of new technologies.
  • Day 4: Digitalization in Process Industry: Focussing more on converting the data into useful information for making the process industry more efficient.
  • Day 5: Novel Bioporcesses & Technologies: Emphasizing the growing importance of biochemicals, biopharmaceutical and related industries.

Digital Hub

Achema 2022 planned a special digital hub to get all the digital experts and participants together to discuss the digital transformation happening in the process industry. This provided a good platform for solution providers to showcase their future-oriented innovations.

Green Innovation Zone

Going green has been the focus of all industries in the last few years, and Achema 2022 ensured that this theme is given due importance. Its Green Innovation Zone brought together leaders, policymakers and users to forge new partnerships to accelerate the green energy transition.

Action Area Digital Lab

For a more hands-on experience, Achema 2022 set up an Action Area Digital Lab, showcasing use cases of the latest technologies in various industries. This lab focussed on automation, machine learning, data solutions and a lot more and gave new insights into the future of the process industry.

Start-up Area

Achema has always been a useful accelerator for the startup ecosystem. This edition of Achema provided robust platforms for startups worldwide to present their innovative products or services. In addition, the ten finalists of the Achema Startup Award were also present with their innovations.

JEE Pumps Stall at Achema 2022

For a special expo like Achema, JEE Pumps also executed a highly unique stall with an immersive experience for the visitors. Our journey at Achema started months ago when we decided to participate in this exhibition. Once the formalities of finalizing the stall were over, our team started brainstorming how to make the booth stand out. As a pump manufacturer, the creativity we could bring to the stall was limited, but we didn’t let this restrict our planning.

Our team came up with various ideas regarding stall design, product exhibition, user interaction, etc. Then, we made the audacious move of showcasing some of our best products in the stall. Special platforms were created for these products. Each of the products had a QR code, which, when scanned, would lead to the product’s detailed specifications. This intelligent feature ensured that the visitors would get all the needed information without any hassles. Printed brochures and company profiles were also made available to all interested visitors.

In terms of design, we decided to go with a minimal design which lets the products stand out. Several logo installations were provided with backlight arrangements to make them stand out. Our special corporate video, along with videos of our products, were displayed for visitors to get a better idea about us. Our highly passionate team including our promoter were personally present to interact with the visitors and provide them with all the needed information and guidance.

Achema 2022

Focus Areas of JEE Pumps

Apart from showcasing our products, we wanted to make a statement at Achema 2022. For this, we created four specific focus areas, which were well-represented in terms of panels, installations and personal interactions.

Conserving Energy

Pumps are the heart of any system and draw the maximum power. With advanced technology, material science and product innovation, JEE Pumps are 5% more efficient than the rest. We emphasized to the visitors that every time you buy a JEE Pump, you make the world 5% greener.

Fostering Innovation

Our key message through this theme was that we are building the pumps of tomorrow. JEE Pumps has always pushed the envelope regarding product innovation and customization. Following are some of the significant product innovations products that we showcased:

  • Bearing Isolators: Prevents premature bearing failure caused by lubricant contamination or loss of oil. Close tolerance bearing isolator design locks out moisture, grit and dust, extending bearing life.
  • Seal Environment: JEE Pumps seal chambers are designed to provide the best seal environment for any sealing arrangement extending the Seal life.
  • IoT Ecosystem: All our pumps are IoT-ready, allowing remote monitoring of critical parameters and establishing robust Condition Based Monitoring.
  • Pumps for all Environments: Using advanced material technology, we create pumps utilizing a variety of MoCs like Teflon, Titanium, PVDF and Polypropylene, letting you operate pumps in the most challenging environments and handle the most aggressive fluids.

Optimizing Operations

Apart from product innovation, one of our biggest strengths is our well-set process. These streamlined processes are based on three key pillars:

  • Speed: Delivering with the lowest turnaround time
  • Quality: Ensuring highly reliable and robust products
  • Cost: Optimizing costs to make the process more cost-effective

Our production strength is based on our state-of-art infrastructure, and we did not want to miss out on highlighting this at our stall in Achema 2022.

  • Design Department: Competent team to design perfect pump solutions for you
  • In-House Foundry Facility: Expediting the machining and assembly process
  • CNC Turning/Milling Setup: Our plants are equipped with advanced turning and milling machine
  • Quality Control Team: Quality inspectors ensure high-quality and consistent product output
  • R&D Centre: Visionary think tank driving innovation in pump solutions

Building Relations

The foundational element of any business growth story is the relationship it builds with its customer. We have always believed in becoming a trusted partner to help you grow. Just like our pumps, our customer relations are reliable, solid and long-lasting due to the following major aspects:

  • Any Time Troubleshooting: We provide 24×7 customer support through our Toll-Free number.
  • Pump Maintenance: Our proprietary AI tool sends timely notifications to ensure pump health.
  • Spare Warehousing: Our streamlined spare sourcing fulfils all your spare requirements, including OEM spares.
  • OEM Interchangeability: We offer 100% Pumps and parts interchangeability with most existing OEM models.
  • Presence Across Globe: JEE Pumps has emerged as the most trusted pump solution partner in over 25 countries

Our Experience at Achema 2022

Interacting with the best in the industry is always enriching, and we had a very fruitful experience at Achema 2022. With the kind of product innovation we are doing and the services we are providing at the global scale, it was imperative that we make our presence felt in such a reputation expo. We stood out through our focus areas and the main theme of energy conservation. Given the climate crisis, sustainability is a growing critical factor, especially in western nations. We want to be an essential ally to them in their journey of making the world greener.

The visitors highly appreciated our best-in-class production facilities, innovative products and customer services. Not only did we leave a lasting impression on them, but we were also able to grow our network exponentially. Our production team is already working round the clock to fulfil the orders we have received from Achema 2022. The exhibition provided us with a good platform to open new doors of opportunities in many parts of the world and, at the same time, strengthen our presence as a global pump manufacturer.

Achema 2022

Achema 2022

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