Centrifugal High Pressure Multi Stage Pumps

Embedded with several impellers, the Centrifugal High Pressure Multistage Pump can produce immense thrust which is usually used in power station applications and industrial applications that require high pressure. They are comparatively more economical and provide an option of customizing the pressure levels.

Pump Construction


Verticle split casing & intermediates, designed in multistage construction for high head discharge. It is a horizontal type of pump which has a stage tie attached together with suction & discharge brackets by rods. Pump base is cast integral with suction & discharge brackets.


Axial thrust balancing. Impeller is of die casting & smooth finish with highest level of efficiency.
Impellers can be offered of any material as per a process requirement.


Heavy duty ball bearings that are capable of carrying thrust load on either direction. Grease lubricated bearing for longer life

Stuffing Box

Un-cooled soft-packing are provided with sealing connection on a suction side. For higher pumped media temperatures, a stuffing box can be provided with cooling cover which facilitates the external cooling.


All the flanges are faced & drilled as per DIN standards


AThe pump is designed to drive by an electric motor through flexible coupling. The direction of rotations is perceived as clock wise when viewed from driver’s end. Suction is nearer to coupling & discharge at other end.


Self priming pumps with 5 mtr suction lifts

Compact size

Low noise

High efficiency

Easy maintenance

Longer life


Double helical gears to reduce axial thrust

Continuous duty

Inbuilt pressure relief valve

Bush bearing with a heavy shaft

Handle multiple liquids

Unique design


Boilers, pressure vessels.
CI mains, casting.
Gas cylinder, pipe lines, etc….
Boilers, pressure vessels. CI mains, casting. Gas cylinder, pipe lines, etc....

Material specifications