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JEE Pumps Is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Industrial Pumps, Centrifugal Process Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps, Submersible Monoset Pumps and Chemical Process Pumps.

About JEE Pumps

JEE Pumps

JEE Pumps Is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Industrial Pumps, Centrifugal Process Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps, Submersible Monoset Pumps and Chemical Process Pumps.

A journey of excellence

Being at the forefront of the Indian pump industry, we, at JEE Pumps, manufacture and supply the most high-quality pumps, ranging through various industrial sectors. Our products are revered for their finesse and integrity, which our expert engineers have honed.

Established in 1993 by our founder, Mr Prakash Patel, JEE Pumps has grounded a significant stand on the global market quickly. Today, we have established three best-in-the-market manufacturing campuses equipped with a full-fledged CNC machining centre, fabrication shop, painting booth, and various other technologies that help us ensure scalable production of any magnitude.

Our products are highly durable and made with superior quality raw materials that can stand the most challenging tests. They can efficiently sustain and transport low- and high-temperature liquids, recovery solvents, heat transfer fluids, toxic liquids, acids, bases, noxious fluids, and expensive high purity fluids.

With our collated experience of over three decades at JEE Pumps, we constantly try to improve our products to extend the industry’s standards further. And as we understand the diverse needs of the dynamic industries we cater to, our products are highly customizable.

Our products are backed by our unflinching warranty and support, which provides our clients with premium quality and world-class service.

Our Vision

It’s our vision to become one of the primal and most sought-after flow partners over a diverse set of industrial segments. We hope to serve our clients with superior quality products, world-class services, and the most optimal delivery time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a self-sufficient company that can tend to the diverse and versatile needs of the industry. We aim to make our services and products so efficient that they can cater to an array of applications across a wide range of market domains. We will fulfil these needs by:

Analyzing the requirements and recommendations of clients

Regular training sessions of personnel to keep them updated with the current technology

Constantly invigilating our operational process

Our Philosophy


We aim to forge long-lasting bonds of trust with customers by living up to our commitments.


Each and every product and service we provide help build a sustainable future.


We constantly try to incorporate new technologies and advanced instruments to make our products more efficient and durable.

Founder’s Desk

“I feel immensely grateful for sharing my experience and endeavors with all our clients who have entrusted their time and faith to JEE Pumps. The journey from 1993 to date has fortified the company’s foundation by leaps and bounds. It’s time to monumentalize our glory, struggle, associations, and worth with great pride and happiness.

JEE Pumps has brought forward an array of top-level and combined in the field of pump industry, ensuring that the pump solution connects with the intended audience of our customers. Our next step would be to integrate to serve better efficiency of pumps in every industry.

In our journey and serving the pumps of over 8000+ clients, we have received respect, gratitude, applause and, at times, criticism as well. We have carried it in true spirit and labored upon enhancing ourselves. Day after day, we harden our determination to move forward more firmly in achieving our mission.

We focus on superiority at every stage in the manufacturing process to guarantee a quality end product. As a result, all employees are qualified in not only maintenance of quality but also in being tuned to the customer in terms of product attributes, which facilitates us to exceed client expectations.

JEE Pumps has always believed in providing world-class products and partnering with clients in their growth. In this new decade, the company will continue its quest to offer better products through innovation and quality. This will help our clients brave the new frontiers of the 21st century and help us build enduring relationships.”

Mr. Prakash Patel
Managing Director



Robust infrastructure is an integral part of any company. With manufacturing and servicing units equipped with state-of-the-art technology, advanced machinery and world-class facilities, JEE Pumps’ infrastructure matches industry standards and exceeds expectations.

JEE Pumps manufacturing is backed by a world-class testing facility and quality assurance procedures unmatched by any other pump manufacturer. JEE Pumps testing facility follows the hydraulic institute’s pump test standard procedures and has also automated the pump performance with a fully automated test bed.

In-house Foundry Facility for better casting & on-time delivery:

  • Dynamic Balancer as per ISO 1940-1 Grade 6.3 or 2.5
  • Hydraulic Test Bench
  • Power Frame Assembly Room & Seal Fitment Facility
  • Paint Booth
  • Base Mount Fabrication Center

Technical Expertise

Our company legacy and industry experience have proven that JEE Pumps is a strong competitor in the marketplace. We generate confidence in our product through our unmatched application knowledge and technical capabilities, all backed by our world-class testing facility, quality procedure and highly competent workforce.

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