HYPN Series


The hydro-pneumatic system generally comprises a pressure pump and a pressure tank. The specially designed pressure tank operates through high-pressure air, which ensures that the water is transported to its desired destination. JEE Pumps’ HYPN Series Pressure Boosting Hydro-Pneumatic System works with the same principle and is widely used in various commercial and residential applications. The system delivers highly efficient results in terms of ensuring high-pressure fluid delivery in the system. The entire pressure boosting system is created by JEE Pumps and can be customized as per the system requirements.


Pressure Boosting System

HYPN Series Pressure Boosting Hydro-Pneumatic System is designed to boost the existing pressure of a particular system. Its reliable and cost-effective operation has led to its usage in several industrial processes.

Domestic Water Supply System

Our HYPN Series Pressure Boosting Hydro-Pneumatic Systems are also used in water supply systems in industrial, commercial and private infrastructure. In addition, this system can also be used for irrigation and other farming needs.

Commercial Buildings

A variety of commercial buildings need a constant water supply at a set pressure; hence, our HYPN Series Pressure Boosting Hydro-Pneumatic Systems are used in hotels, offices and large multi-storey buildings.

Private Properties

The HYPN Series Pressure Boosting Hydro-Pneumatic Systems are highly suitable for private properties’ water supply, swimming pools and other utilities that need a constant pressure system.


Highly reliable pressure boosting system

Provides reasonable control over the pressure requirements

Allows customization to suit the system requirements

Simple design and easy to integrate into existing systems

Can handle a variety of thin liquids apart from water

It makes the overall pumping solution steady and cost-effective

Operating Data

Capacity Up to 1200 m³/hr
Head Up to 300 Mtr.
Temperature Up to 70°C
Speed Up to 2900 rpm
Pressure Up to 10 bar
M.O.C. C.I, SS304, SS316