JAP Series


Customizing our trademark centrifugal pump to suit process industries as per ANSI standards, the JAP series is the first of its kind energy-efficient pump that can help lower your power consumption. It is also available for standard and low-flow models, and you can customize it as per your industrial requirements. Another advantage of this pump is that it is part-for-part interchangeable with other centrifugal pumps. As a result, industries can use it in almost all types of processes, be it the oil & gas, food processing, pulp & paper and even power plants.


Oil & Gas

Apart from transferring crude oil from one location to another, our JAP Series centrifugal process pumps can handle highly viscous oils and other liquids containing solids.

Water Treatment

Centrifugal process pumps are widely used in water treatment plants for the movement of water, filtration applications, disinfection applications and even saltwater desalination.


The pharmaceutical sector requires high-precision pumps, which this JAP Series centrifugal process pump provides; hence, it is extensively used in several pharma plants.

Pulp & Paper

Our JAP Series centrifugal process pumps are widely used in the pulp and paper industry for various applications such as separating solid fibres from pulp & also for wastewater management.

Chemical Plants

Our JAP Series centrifugal process pumps can be used to move around raw materials, chemicals, hazardous waste or other such fluids in the chemical plant.

Food Processing

Because of its simple design and application, our JAP Series centrifugal process pumps are well suited in food production plants for transferring and mixing raw materials and end products.

Power Plants

Power plants use a variety of pumps in different processes. The JAP Series centrifugal process pumps are ideal for feed water systems, circulating water, and handling fuels and oils.

Steel Manufacturing

The steel manufacturing process is a heavy pump-based sector, and our JAP Series centrifugal process pumps can be used for transferring molten fluid, cooling systems and distribution.


Equipped with a magnetic drain plug

Extra-large capacity oil sump with epoxy-coating

Registered alignment between frame and adapter

Fully open impellers with the rear-adjustment capability

A wide variety of mechanical seal options are available

Operates with dynamically balanced impellers

Operating Data

Capacity Up to 1590 m³/hr
Head Up to 275 Mtr.
Discharge Size 25 mm to 300 mm.
Temperature Max. 2600°C
Speed Up to 3500 rpm
Pressure Up to 30 kg/cm2
M.O.C. Ductile Iron, CF8M (316) SS, CD4MCuN and Alloy 20 materials available