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The ability to provide high-quality, reliable products is mainly dependent on the manufacturing infrastructure of the firm, and this is where JEE Pumps beats its competitors. Over the years, we have expanded our production capabilities to state-of-the-art manufacturing campuses equipped with a full-fledged CNC machining centre, fabrication shop, painting booth, and various other technologies that help us ensure scalable production of any magnitude. As a result, our products are highly durable and made with superior quality raw materials that can stand the most challenging tests. This is why we have become one of India’s most trusted pump solutions providers.


With its inventory management service, JEE Pumps recommends maintaining optimum spare parts stocks and preventing excess reserves or shortages of spare parts. Our spare parts are easy to order and available at short notice. In addition, our hi-tech store facility helps save industrial players’ resources to invest in a storehouse.

Drawing Department

Drawing Department is a pivot of our company. We use specialized software to design products and parts. Our technical drawing has all the information for manufacturing a component, welding, and building an assembly. The information includes dimensions, part names and numbers and other details that provide the required inputs to the manufacturing department.

CNC Department

JEE Pumps has a fully functional Computer Numerical Control (CNC) in-house for automating control of machine tools through software embedded in the microcomputer attached to the pump tools. This facility allows for accurate calibration and testing of all functions related to the pumps and their auxiliaries.

Machining Department

JEE Pumps houses hi-tech machinery for manufacturing parts and professional and skilled machine operators for the best outcome for our products. The variety of these machines, along with the workforce’s expertise and competency, allows us to create a wide range of products catering to all types of industrial applications.

Assembly Department

Our workforce comprises professional assemblers, engineers and technicians, who specialize in all the work processes, including reading, drawings, understanding the assembly process and executing the actual assembly. This ensures that the final pump products are reliable and can deliver the expected performance even in challenging operating conditions.

Quality Control Department

Our quality inspectors monitor the quality of incoming materials and outgoing final products. They are tasked with conducting tests, analyzing measurements, and overseeing production. Through their vast experience, they have created an effective and efficient testing protocol that is used across all product lines ensuring high-quality outputs.

Pump Testing Facility At JEE PUMPS
Pump Testing
  • Suction Tank Capacity : 10 m3/hr
  • Computerized testing batch with watt meter, Amp meter, Pressure meter, rpm meter, Voltage meter, Frequency meter, Flow meter (800 m3 /hr), Voltage Auto Transforme.
Performance Test
  • Pump Flow rate with working pressure
  • Hydro Testing
  • Vibration of Pump & Motor
  • Power Consumption Test
  • Mechanical Seal Testing with Hydro Test
  • 2 Pumps can be tested at a time
  • Pumps up to 50 HP Power requirement and maximum 35 Kg/cm2 can be tested
  • Pump Performance tests carried out with a negative suction head of approximately 6 mtr
  • Good qualities of strainers, Pipes & Pipefitting used for testing
  • The measuring instruments on the test bench being duly calibrated with pre – determined frequency
Manufacturing Facilities
List of Machines
  • CNC Vertical Turning & Boring
  • Heavy Duty Milling Machine
  • CNC Machining Center
  • Horizontal Boring Machine BFT – 90
  • Heavy Duty Belt Drive Lathe Centre Height 300mm ABC: 2000mm
  • Heavy Duty Belt Drive Lathe Centre Height 500mm ABC: 2000mm
  • Medium Duty Lathe Machine Centre Height 175mm ABC: 1200mm
  • Slotting Machine Capacity: 250mm
  • Radial Drill Machine: 32mm Capacity
  • Radial Drill Machine: 42mm Capacity
  • Hydraulic Press: 40 Ton capacity
  • Hard Bearing Balancing Machine: 50 Kg Capacity
  • Welding Machine Heavy Duty: 400 AMP
  • Air Compressor: 2 HP
  • Hydraulic Hacksaw
  • Cylindrical Grinder

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