JH Series



Just like standard multistage pumps, horizontal multistage pumps are centrifugal pumps with multiple impellers aligned in a horizontal position. Based on requirements, the impeller can be mounted on a single shaft, or the pump can have multiple shafts. The JH Series Horizontal Multistage Pumps are being extensively used for pressure boosting applications. The pump design allows it to generate high pressure and push the liquid to a long-distance or a higher head. These pumps are simple in design and easy to install and add to existing pump systems. In addition, their ability to handle clear liquids makes them highly useful in several industrial applications like water systems, agriculture and several industrial processes.

Pressure Boosting System

Several industrial processes demand a high-pressure build-up for which multiple pumps would be needed. However, our JH Series Horizontal Multistage Pumps can generate the required pressure through a single pump unit, making it highly used in pressure boosting needs.

Water Supply System

Our JH Series Horizontal Multistage Pumps are extensively used in various water systems like domestic water supply, cooling systems, washing and cleaning systems, water treatment and different pressure boosting systems.

Handling Non Aggressive Liquids

The JH Series Horizontal Multistage Pumps are suitable for handling thin, non-aggressive, non-inflammable, clear and non-corrosive fluids. Hence they are deployed by many industries to cater to several applications.

Irrigation Works

Our JH Series Horizontal Multistage Pumps can transfer water at a high head and with a lot of pressure. Hence, they are suitable for pushing water and raising the levels in the irrigation canals, water distribution for farming and other such needs.


  • Ability To Generate A High Amount Of Pressure From A Simple Pump Unit
  • These Pumps Work At Low Noise And Have A Very Long Service Life
  • Low-Cost And High-Reliability Operations Make The Entire Pump System Cost-Effective
  • The Pump Design Is Very Compact And Also Small In Size, Allowing For Easy Setup
  • Their Simple Design Makes Them Easy To Integrate And Use In Pump Systems.
  • High-Performance Hydraulics Help In Efficient Operations And Low Maintenance
Operating Data
Capacity Up to 28 m³/hr
Head Up to 77 Mtr
Discharge Size 25mm To 50mm
Power Range 0.37-7.50 kW
Temperature Up to 104°C
Speed Up to 2900 Rpm
Pressure Up to 7 bar
Sealing Mechanical Seal
M.O.C. Cast Iron, SS304, SS316

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