JISO Series


Considering the dynamic needs of chemical industries, JEE Pumps has launched the JISO Series Standardised Chemical Pumps. This pump’s design, materials and operations are highly suitable for various chemical industries. These pumps are fully compliant with ISO 2858 and ISO 5199. Moreover, they operate at a high-temperature variation from -40°C to 400°C, making these pumps more versatile. These pumps are available in various materials like Alloy, CI, CS and more. Hence the industries can opt for the make that is best suited for their application.


Chemical Plants

Our JISO Series Standardised Chemical pumps are specifically designed to meet all the pumping requirements of the chemical industry, be it the movement of raw materials, hazardous waste, or other such fluids.

Petrochemical & Oil Industries

The JISO Series Standardised Chemical pumps can handle high temperatures up to 400°C and, therefore, can be used in handling high-temperature oil and other fluids in the petrochemical and oil industries at various stages.

Sugar & Steel Plants

Many water-intensive industrial processes like sugar and steel manufacturing plants use our JISO Series Standardised Chemical pumps to move vast volumes of raw material and process fluid from one point to another.

Steel Manufacturing

The steel manufacturing process is similar to chemical plants regarding the heavy usage of pumps. Our JISO Series Standardised Chemical pumps can be used for transferring molten fluid, cooling systems and distribution.

Fire Fighting

Given its design ability to generate a lot of load, the JISO Series pumps can also be used as firefighting pumps as they can unload a lot of water during emergencies.

Water Treatment

JEE Pumps JISO Series Standardised Chemical pumps are also used in water treatment plants for the movement of water, filtration applications, disinfection applications and even saltwater desalination.


Highly efficient pumps for chemical industries

Capable of handling liquids with a wide range of viscosity

Can provide high head and capacity

Available in a variety of materials capable of handling any fluid

Wide temperature range in operations

Generally small in size and lightweight

Operating Data

Flow rate Q Up to 1,160 m3/h (50Hz) Up to 1,400 m3/h (60Hz)
Head H Up to 162 m (50Hz) Up to 233 m (60Hz)
Speed Up to 3500 RPM
Temperature t-40°C to +400°C
Pressure p Up to 15 kg/cm2
M.O.C. CI, CS, CFM(SS316), CF8(SS304), CF3M(SS316L), CD4MCU, HAST-C&B, Alloy-20 Etc.