JPP M Series


An essential member of our JPP series pumps is the JPP M Series which provides the option of having a polypropylene monoblock pump. As the name suggests, monoblock pumps have a single unit wherein the motor, and the pump are assembled jointly. Monoblock pumps have the advantage of avoiding transmission losses and hence can operate at 10% extra efficiency. The JPP M Series pumps are made of a special synthetic resin made through the polymerization of propylene. This gives these pumps extra toughness, making them lightweight and resistant to fire or harsh weather.


Gas Scrubbing

Pumps used in gas scrubbing need to be tough and chemically unreactive – attributes our JPP M Series polypropylene monoblock pumps have, and hence they are used for scrubbing corrosive gases like NH, CO, SO, SO, l, F, Br2, Cl and more.

Water Treatment

Water treatment plants, effluent treatment plants and other wastewater systems extensively deploy our JPP M Series polypropylene monoblock pumps as they can operate at high head and capacity.

Oil & Gas

The high capacity operation of these polypropylene monoblock pumps makes them a suitable candidate for transfer pumps in oil and many other fuel handling tasks, processing and separation.

Chemical Plants

Our JPP M Series polypropylene monoblock pumps are excellent for transferring and loading hazardous chemicals like HCL, Sulphuric Acid / Alkali, Caustic Liquid and others.

Steel Manufacturing

Our JPP M Series polypropylene monoblock pumps are a natural choice for pickling line & scrubber applications in the steel plant, given that they are rugged and highly efficient.

Metal Finishing Industry

Our JPP M Series polypropylene monoblock pumps can withstand very high temperatures and pressure; hence, they are ideal for the circulation of chemicals in the metal finishing industry.


Single shaft arrangement increases efficiency

Generally small in size and lightweight

Pumps are self-supporting and simple to install

Can provide high head and capacity

Highly cost-effective and good ROI

Resistant to heat, pressure, chemicals and wear & tear

Operating Data

Capacity Up to 50 m³/hr
Head Up to 45 Mtr.
Discharge Size 25 mm to 50 mm.
Temperature 80°C
Speed Up to 3500 rpm
Pressure Up to 4.5 kg/cm3