JTPM Series


Hydraulic test pumps create pressurized testing conditions for various industrial infrastructures. This diagnostic technique is used to perform high-pressure testing of tubes, pipes, cylinders and even pressure vessels like boilers. The objective is to check for any existing defects and test the vessel’s endurance. The JTPM Series Motorized Hydraulic Test Pumps can generate pressure up to 700 kg/cm2 and are widely used to test high-value pressure vessels. These pumps are built with strength and come loaded with various necessary pump auxiliaries needed for high-pressure testing.


Boilers & Pressure Vessels

Our JTPM Series Motorized Hydraulic Test Pumps are extensively used in boilers, furnaces and other high-pressure vessels. Therefore, delivering the right amount of flow for the liquid to test these pressure vessels is essential.

Pressure Testing

Gas cylinders, pipelines, tubes, and other components used in high-pressure applications must be tested for leakages and endurance. For this, our JTPM Series Motorized Hydraulic Test Pumps are used.

CI Mains & Casting

Another application of our JTPM Series Motorized Hydraulic Test Pumps is in CI mains and casting, where it is needed to push through high-pressure liquids to get accurate casting.


Delivers highly accurate results for a variety of fluids

Pump design includes brass pressure release cock, pressure hose and gauge

Small in size and handy in operation

The pump is equipped with a brass foot valve and GM/SS check valve

There is an option of having an MS Fabricated pail with the pump

The overall build of the pump is robust and operates with stability

Pump Construction

Capacity Up to 150 LPH
Discharge Size 1/2" BSP
Plunger Size 12 mm to 24 mm
Pressure Up to 700 kg/cm2
KW / HP Up to 3.7/5