JSBFP Series


JEE Pumps has launched the JSBFP Series High-head Self Priming Pumps to cater to the high-head requirement of various industries. These multi-stage pumps are designed in such a way that they can generate a high amount of pressure and suction lift. Moreover, with its Horizontal and lateral channels, the self-priming design can operate continuously while handling clear liquids. Hence they are widely used in fire-fighting applications, boiler feed cycles and other industrial applications which need high-head delivery.


Boiler Feed Applications

Our JSBFP Series High-head Self Priming Pumps are specially designed to meet the demands of boiler feed applications. It can generate high pressure and push water to a greater height, making it ideal for such applications.

Power Plants

Thermal power plants need a heavy-duty pump for applications like boiler feed cycles, circulating water, high-pressure fuel jets, and many more. Our JSBFP Series High-head Self Priming Pumps are very useful in such power plant applications.

High-Pressure Testing

Boiler tubes, gas cylinders, pipelines and other high-pressure application components must be thoroughly tested before being used. Our JSBFP Series High-head Self Priming Pumps can generate high pressure and are used for many high-pressure testing applications.

Transfer of Liquid Containing Gas

Liquids which contain gar or vapour require additional pressure to push them around in the industrial processes. JEE Pumps’ JSBFP Series High-head Self Priming Pumps can provide this needed extra push making them helpful in handling the transfer of liquids containing gasses.

Fire Fighting

One of the significant use of JEE Pumps’ JSBFP Series High-head Self Priming Pumps is in fire fighting applications as these pumps can generate a lot of loads and transfer water to height or far distance in a short time.

Irrigation Supply

Given the ability of our JSBFP Series High-head Self Priming Pumps to generate high loads for clear liquids like water, these pumps are also used in irrigation supply applications as they can feed water to height or for long distances.


Can generate a suction lift as high as 8 meters

Cast-Iron construction to provide increased stability

Multi-stage horizontal self-priming design making it useful for continuous duty

Designed especially for high-head delivery applications

Can handle feed water temperature up to 105°C

Pump MOC can be varied as per customer need

Pump Construction

Capacity Up to 22 m³/hr
Head Up to 288 Mtr.
Discharge Size 25 mm to 50 mm.
Temperature 105°C
Suction Lift up to 7 Mtr.
Speed Up to 1500 rpm
Voltage / Phase Up to 28.8 kg/cm2
M.O.C. Cast Iron, Bronze, Steel etc.