10 Things to Consider when Choosing the right Pump Exporters

The rising industrial sector globalization has become a boon for pump exporters. Industries are procuring their pumps from manufacturers across the globe. Gone are the days when pump sourcing was done only domestically. Now pump manufacturers have risen to the demand and are supplying pumps and various pumping solutions to industries worldwide. Initially, only large-scale enterprises undertook the risk of procuring from global pump manufacturers. But now, even small-scale industries are looking outside their countries to get the right pumping solution.

How to select the best Pump Exporter?

Choosing suitable pump exporters is not easy, but in this article, we have compiled an exhaustive list of factors you should consider in this process. Pumps are the heart of the processes, and you must put the best quality pumps in place. Therefore, when starting your pump procurement process, you can refer to these points and ensure that you have adequate information for the pump exporters.

1. Review Existing Credentials:

When carrying out due diligence for a pump exporter, the first step is to check its existing credentials. This trend is common for all business-to-business companies. You would be investing millions of dollars in pump solutions, so you need to ensure that the pump manufacturer’s existing credentials are outstanding. Discuss with their past or existing clients and get their reviews as well.

2. Cost Effectiveness:

Opting for a global pump exporter means you would spend more on logistics and delivery. This cost has to be set off in the base pump cost. One main reason for rising global pump exports is the high price variation in certain regions. Therefore, it only makes business sense that the pump manufacturing cost should be really low for industries to opt for export. Check against your existing requirement and get quotations from various regions as the pump cost would vary widely.

3. Manufacturing Capabilities:

The most critical aspect you need to scrutinize is the pump manufacturing capabilities of the pump exporter. You must ensure they have the requisite infrastructure to manufacture a series of pumps in parallel. Otherwise, the turnaround time may get high for you. Do an in-person or virtual tour of their manufacturing facilities and check how strong their manufacturing capabilities are and whether they have the right tools in place for your pump needs.

4. Delivery Time

Exporting pumps from different parts of the world takes its own sweet time. The pumps are usually delivered through cargo ships, and then the last mile is covered in heavily loaded trucks. It can sometimes take months for the pump to be delivered from the manufacturing facility to the operational site. Please make this a vital negotiation point as the pump exporter must deliver the products within the agreed timeframe.

5. Spare Supplies:

Once the pump is in operation, it will need various spares over time. This can be due to wear and tear or the routine maintenance plan. Your pump exporter should be able to provide you with the right set of spares, and that too on time. While a few pump spares can be sourced domestically, you will always have to depend on the original equipment manufacturer for the critical parts. If the OEM cannot provide the spares on time, you may risk disruption in operations.

6. Right Certifications:

Industrial certifications are mandatory when it comes to pumping operations. Do note that different regions follow different industry standards. You need to ensure that that pump manufacturer adheres to the standards mandated in your region. If you do not have the requisite certification, then you might end up inviting legal compliance trouble. Choose only those pump exporters who have the credibility of supplying pumps with various certificates or at least the ones that you need.

7. Pump Innovations:

Just like other technologies, pumping solutions also undergo continuous transformation and updation. Latest innovations are being implemented in pumps, be it automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics or material science. Pump manufacturers proactively add such innovations to their products. Always check if the pump exporters have dedicated research and development wing and whether they provide you with the latest innovations in the pump industry.

8. Quality Control:

Along with speed and innovation, you also want a pumping solution that adheres to the highest quality standards. All pump manufacturers are now mandated to have specific quality standards. But that may not just be enough. You should ensure that the pump exporters you are shortlisting have a robust quality control department driven by well-qualified experts. Only then can you be sure that your products are of the highest quality.

9. Right Documentation

One of the most neglected aspects of pump procurement is the documentation part. Each pump exporter will have its set documentation process. But as a procurer, you must ensure that you get the correct documents for your legal and statutory compliances. This will include documents related to custom and logistics, product warranty and knowledge-based documents like standard operating procedures, maintenance processes and product manuals.

10. After Sales Services

Post-sales services are often a factor that impacts your overall relationship with the supplier. Many pump manufacturers, especially small players, forget you once the pump is delivered and commissioned at your site. Be its maintenance schedule, spare supplies or troubleshooting; there would be many occasions during which you will need their support. Hence, whenever you are finalizing the pump exporter, ensure they have a reputation and a reliable support system even after the pump delivery.

While the above checklist seems exhaustive, it helps shortlist suitable pump manufacturers. You will be surprised to see that many reputed brands will also not be able to score all points. JEE Pumps is one global pump exporter that will top the scoring sheet. With over 30 years of experience in this pump industry, it has pioneered a perfect process for global pump exports. JEE Pumps can customize pumps per your needs and deliver them to any part of the world in the shortest time possible. It is known for its product innovation and quality and has a strong reputation for post-sales service, making it one of the best global pump exporters.

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