5 Biggest Global Pump Exporters supplying Germany

The industrial sector of Germany continues to see optimistic growth despite global dynamics, and this is good news for global pump exporters. The more industrial development, the more the pumps and other pumping solutions demand. Though the COVID outbreak and the tense geo-political landscape have shadowed Germany’s economic outlook, the old nation is showing good signs of recovery.

The recently elected government has decided to pump over 130 billion EUR into modern technologies. Key policies have been implemented for targeted growth of sectors like renewable energy, automotive, infrastructure building, healthcare and more. In terms of becoming future-ready, Germany has already started investing money and resources in technologies of tomorrow like hydrogen economy, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics.

Infrastructure growth will continue to be in the spotlight for Germany to ramp up its economic ascent. As a result, pumping solutions will remain a strong demand throughout the country. Historically, Germany has depended on many pump exporters to meet this demand. Having its own share of reliable domestic pump manufacturing units, Germany has still been a big importer of pumping solutions. According to a TrendEconomy report, Germany’s pump imports for 2020 were over $10.2 billion. Following are the five biggest pump exporters who supply to Germany:

1. Grundfos

One of the largest global pump exporters in the world, Grundfos, is based out of Denmark. Over the years, its reach has grown to cover over 130 countries around the globe. While it has established a dominating presence in water and wastewater applications, it also offers intelligent pump solutions for the agriculture, industrial and construction sectors. Grundfos has over 50,000 employees stationed in over 100 countries. This provides a scale with which this organization operates. For decades, many German industries have depended on Grundfos’s pumping solutions.

2. ITT Goulds Pumps

ITT Goulds Pumps is considered one of the most experienced global pump exporters globally. It started its operations in 1848 and is based out of New York. Today it has expanded to have 3000 employees worldwide. The company is known for its conventional pump solutions that have powered industrial, residential and agricultural demands of nations across the globe. In addition, it offers a wide range of products that can be used for food processing, oil and gas, mining and other sectors.

3. JEE Pumps

One of the most upcoming global pump exporters in the world, JEE Pumps is an India-based company that offers over 50 varieties of pump products. It has over three decades of experience in this sector. After dominating the Indian market, it has established a presence in more than 25 countries worldwide. JEE Pumps is known for providing customized and highly cost-effective pump solutions. Its products range from centrifugal and submersible pumps to jet and mud pumps. Moreover, they can manufacture and export pumps for any MOC, which positions them at an advantage compared to the others. The company has now been focussing on providing energy-efficient pump solutions that align with its commitment to sustainable development and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Germany has depended on the robust and reliable pump solutions offered by JEE Pumps for years.

4. Flowserve

Based out of the United States, Flowserve has established a good reputation for providing reliable pump solutions. The company has grown to cover around 50 countries and offers a wide range of products. The excellent part about Flowserve is that it has kept its product range open to all industries. This is why its products are used in applications like chemical plants, power plants, oil and gas, water and wastewater applications, and much more. Apart from pumping solutions, Flowserve also provides a wide range of pump accessories like valves, seals and other automation solutions.

5. Xylem

Another leading global pump exporter in the pump market, Xylem, is now operating in over 150 nations. Its key clients include water infrastructure, industrial sector and semiconductor sector. It has created a good range of products catering to these sectors. Apart from that, Xylem also offers consultancy and pump solutions for major industrial complexes, residential buildings, commercial estates and other vital infrastructures. Because of its dedicated product range, it finds many industrial takes in Germany.

Choosing a pump export partner needs the right due diligence. One of the most critical aspects is the delivery turnaround time. Apart from that, product customization and post-sales services also play an essential role. However, there are factors where global pump exporters like JEE Pump excel. They have established an excellent standard for their products and deliver quick and cost-effective results. As a result, many German industrial players have started shifting to such Indian manufacturers.

Global Pump Exporters

Global Pump Exporters

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