How Achema 2022 is Reshaping the Process Industry

Achema 2022 is back this year with a renewed and resurgent spirit. The COVID pandemic had disrupted its schedule, but now, with the global outlook improving, Germany is again ready to host the prestigious Achema 2022. The 33rd edition of Achema will be organized from 22nd August to 28th August in Frankfurt, Germany. Over the years, this expo has become a home to industrial innovation, knowledge sharing and the exhibition of new products and services.

This year’s edition will see the participation of more than 2200 companies coming from over 50 countries across the globe. Also, seminars, conferences and panel discussions will be planned on various topics. The industrial expo will also offer a good opportunity for people to network amongst themselves. Whether you are an industry professional or a student, there is something for everyone to gain at Achema 2022. To provide a streamlined direction to the expo, Achema 2022 has dedicated each of its days to a special theme:

Day 1: Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen will play a very important role in the process industry in the future. The energy potential of Hydrogen is still not tapped, and there are a lot of players who are working on exploring this avenue. Hydrogen will also aid climate neutrality and become an excellent alternative to fossil fuels. The process industry has already started using Hydrogen in some form, be it as a reducing agent, fuel, energy storage or feedstock. However, there are many questions about its efficiency, processes and, most importantly, safety. Achema 2022 will aim to discuss and answer these questions and push for the industrial use of Hydrogen in the process industry.

Day 2: Fossil Free Production

The process industries need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and that needs to happen quickly. One of the biggest challenges on the climate agenda is a quick and seamless transition to fossil-free production. Green energy sources are coming up at an excellent pace. But their contribution is mainly limited to being an alternative to energy supply. The inherent processes that contribute to emissions still need to be addressed. Focussing more on climate change, Achema 2022 will host sessions on the circular carbon economy.

Day 3: Perspectives in Laboratory and Analytics

Labs and analysis form a fundamental constituent for process industries. They must constantly evolve their products and processes to become more market competitive. In the last decade, there has been a paradigm shift in how research and development are carried out. Automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics and other advanced technologies have disrupted conventional methods and brought momentum to modern-day research. Achema 2022 will aim to give direction to this momentum by showcasing and discussing the latest trends for laboratories and analysis.

Day 4: Digitalization in Process Industry

We have already reached a peaking stage in the digital age. Now we are entering the era wherein data will be the new oil. We have the means to collect inputs and data points from almost all nodes of the processes. The work now is focused more on converting the data into valuable information and using that as insights for optimizing the processes. Achema 2022 will cover essential topics like Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and many more that will have a massive impact on the process industry in the coming future.

Day 5: Novel Bioprocesses and Technologies

Biotechnology has been an understated field in the process industry, but that is changing rapidly. Today, the terms like biopharmaceuticals, biochemicals and many more are commonly used in industry. Researchers are pumping in more and more energy and investments towards finding solutions to problems of the present and the future. At such a time, all the developments must be brought under one roof and discussed for the common good. That is what Achema 2022 aims to do on its fight day, as it will be hosting sessions on synthetic biology, integrated bioprocesses, advanced modelling and novel downstream technologies.

Apart from having dedicated themes, the Achema 2022 exhibition will also be hosting one of the largest industrial expos in which some of the biggest names in the industry will be showcasing their products and services. Each of the booths will have something new and innovative to offer. Industry professionals will be able to absorb all this knowledge and learn more about the upcoming trends in the process industry. Not only will they be able to establish new business partnerships, but they will also be able to network with their peers and better their business reach.

JEE Pumps is proud to partner with Achema 2022 and establish its presence in the prestigious expo. Along with the exhibition themes, JEE Pumps will showcase some of its best products that have been widely used in the process industry. The products on display include JISO Series Chemical pumps, JCCP and JAP Centrifugal pumps, Mud pumps, Rotary Gear pumps, and various materials. JEE Pumps has been pushing the envelope with product innovation by manufacturing highly efficient and robust products.

We are excited to welcome all of you to our stall at Achema 2022. Visit us at our booth at Stand D26 in Hall No 9.

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