Your Guide to Visiting Achema 2022 Exhibition

Being organized after several years, Achema 2022 exhibition has been one of the most awaited expos for the industrial sector. Over the years, it has established a strong reputation as one of the most dynamic platforms connecting manufacturers, service providers and innovators with other industry players. As the exhibition dates approach, we present a complete guide on visiting the Achema 2022 exhibition.

What is Achema 2022 Exhibition?

The Achema 2022 exhibition is being organized from 22nd to 28th August in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. It is one of the most anticipated exhibitions in the world. Being organized in the heart of the Industrial capital of the world, Germany, Achema 2022 presents a perfect opportunity for exchanging ideas, introducing innovations and discussing solutions that would have a major impact on the industrial sector worldwide.

In terms of numbers, the 33rd edition of Achema will be one of the grandest in Achema’s history. More than 2200 exhibitors are taking part from across 50 countries around the globe. Each of them would present their products and services, making it a perfect platform for professionals and students to learn more. This year’s motto is ‘Live again at last, ‘ which marks a strong momentum coming out of the pandemic that has taken a massive toll on the industrial sector.

Achema 2022 Exhibition

Why should I visit Achema 2022?

From being a dynamic platform for networking to showcasing the latest industrial innovations, the following are the significant reasons why you should visit Achema 2022:

1. Various Themes:

Like all editions, this edition of Achema also comprises various themes. Starting from a Digital Hub, Green Innovation Zone, Start-up Area, Congress, and much more. So there is something for everyone to see, observe and learn.

2. Listen to Experts:

Achema 2022 boasts of a long list of industry experts that are going to be present. They will also address several issues, participating in forum discussions and visiting the stalls. This presents an excellent opportunity to learn and interact with the best.

3. Network with Industry:

One of the main reasons for attending exhibitions is to network with industry peers. Achema 2022 will also provide a good networking opportunity as it expects a footfall of more than 2 lac visitors per day, along with booth and other industry members.

4. Check Latest Trends:

With more than 2200 booths, Achema 2022 exhibition will be filled to brim with innovation. This is a good chance for you to learn about the latest trends and see how various companies push the envelope regarding industrial innovation.

5. Industrial Exposure:

Whether you are a student, researcher or a working professional, Achema 2022 expo will prove to be a source of unparallel knowledge. Through its various themes, you will witness firsthand how the multiple processes of industries work and gather more valuable insights.

How do I get an Admission Ticket for the Exhibition?

Now that you are convinced about visiting Achema 2022 Trade fair let us figure out how you can get the admission ticket. The process for entry is straightforward. You need to buy yourself an admission ticket. You can do that from the dedicated website online. The rates for admission tickets are as follows:

  • Season ticket (not transferable) for employees in industry, trade and commerce: EUR 90.00
  • Season ticket (not transferable) for employees in universities, public authorities, and associations: EUR 60.00
  • Reduced season ticket for students, trainees, pupils, pensioners, unemployed and severely disabled persons: EUR 30.00
  • Day ticket: EUR 40.00
  • Reduced day ticket for students, trainees, pupils, pensioners, unemployed and severely disabled persons: EUR 8.00

As you can observe, it is cost-effective to get a season pass as you can visit the exhibition for all the days at a nominal cost. However, if you are keen on attending only specific passes, you can get tickets for those particular days.

5 Things to know if you are visiting Achema Pump Exhibition 2022

Visiting the Achema Exhibition 2022 can be an overwhelming experience, and staying prepared is better. The following 5 points will help make your visit more fruitful:

1. Plan Beforehand:

Achema 2022 has a lot to offer you with its array of stalls, conferences and other events. However, it is practically impossible to participate in everything. Hence it is wise to plan beforehand. The entire program is available on the website. Therefore, you should figure out what interests you best and create an itinerary for yourself for the whole duration of the exhibition.

2. Dedicated Mobile Application:

A fantastic innovation of Achema 2022 is that it has launched a dedicated mobile application for exhibitors and visitors. You can get all the information from the app: schedule, live events, notifications and other material. So download the app today itself and get all the information you need to plan.

3. Travel & Accommodation:

Frankfurt is a central financial hub of Germany and has flights coming in from all the world’s major cities. The city also has a lot of commercial accommodation options. But you should still book your accommodation beforehand to get the hotels of your choice. In addition, it is advisable to book a stay near the venue or shuttle pickup points so you can save on transport.

4. Health Guidelines:

The COVID lockdowns may be over, but its shadow still remains. However, Germany has lifted all COVID-related restrictions for travellers, and there is no mandatory quarantine. Nevertheless, taking all the precautions you want is still advisable, like wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

5. Sessions & Stalls to Visit:

Your visit to Achema will be incomplete if you do not visit the right stalls or attend the best sessions. Some of the most awaited sessions are Climate Neutral Chemical Industry 2050, Hydrogen Economy, Digitization in the process industry and many more. Make sure you visit the stalls of industry pioneers like ABB, Siemens, JEE Pumps and more.

The prestigious Achema 2022 is not an exhibition worth missing. There is much to learn through the sessions, discussions and stall visits. It will provide an excellent opportunity to update your knowledge about industrial trends and present new ideas and innovations you can adopt. And do not forget, it is a perfect way to network with other industrial partners and expand your business reach.

JEE Pumps is excited to welcome all of you to Achema 2022. So visit us at our stall at Stand D26 in Hall No 9.

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